On paper

Yvonne Sure

Anniversary poster

I write because it’s the only way I can get through to you without a price

Or at the least to get some attention from your beautiful eyes

Cause behind this love we’ve been through more than a phase

Nothing’s been easy and it will never be perfect

Maybe we we’re just meant to be imperfect

I write because you’re like a key to my melodies, some sad others happy

That goes along with emotions, jotted down in a love, type of heart clause

And somehow we always find ourselves back at a pause

There’s a point in time I miss when we’d smile for no reason

Or joke of laughing apparently after forgetting the reason

I write because I recall having fears of feeling less of a companion

Or even drowned in sorrows of a series of dumb questions

I’m I pretty enough or tall enough or fun enough or sweet enough

Or understanding enough or sexy enough

As a woman I have my insecurities piled up

I write to tell of the desire of my presence to be wanted

I want to be a friend and a companion in better and bad days

Beaming to the fact that I have somebody somewhere under the sun rays

Who equally needs, wants and yearns for my being like I do theirs

To create a bond that will last till the appearance of gray hairs

I write to express my need for happiness and feeling wanted

I’d like to be appreciated and supported

I’d wish to be loved inside out or better yet outside in

Because to him who has my love I give my all

So I see no harm in having a friend to cherish my call

I write to thank for being beside me through my trials and epic fails

I appreciate for the care and a listening ear through my nags and traits

I refuse to let go or listen to what nobody else can see or feel

I choose to stand by you if you hold my hand tight and right

Love takes two who will stand together with unconditional might

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By :Ashley Mboya



Its Movember, November whatever you would like to call it. Some of you say it’s the month where we celebrate our ‘’cave men’’ well for others it’s just a month. It’s officially time to start getting excited about Christmas, so let’s make the best out of it.

It’s a fact that we can’t always afford to stay out late ,dine, drink and make our partners happy because the obvious life is very pricey. Sorry did I say make them happy I meant materialistically happy you know what I mean.

We tend to spoil our partners once in awhile and end up looking into our wallets the next day and can’t really do much with five hundred bob or less in our wallets.

Well today I give you top budget friendly places you can take your partner and have a good time.

I call it #time with the bae..

Oloolua Nature Trail


Photo credit by: Safari 254

Firstly entry is 200Ksh. You can bring your own food . If you’re both scenic  this is the place for both of you. The scenery is beyond gorgeous and absolutely serene. It’s a romantic spot for two with a nature trail by a waterfall and birds singing out a harmonious chime as you walk.

Junipers Kitchen.

The-Juniper-Kitchen_Outdoor-seating.jpg safari 254.jpg

Photo credit by: Safari 254

Now this place can get a little crowded on the weekend ,If you want to have drink and loosen up this is the place to be. A beer will cost you 250 just about the normal price and for the ladies who love their cocktails mama got you it’s 600 bob and happy hour on top of that. The ambience is catchy with a funky hay bale outdoor and a cozy indoor area.

Eagles Peak Spur

eagle peak spur credit by placesmap

Photo credit: spurs

You may also just want to stay indoors and really not have to cook. It can still be romantic . Be smart about it and look for the days where there’s a buy one get one free or all you can eat for less than 2000 bob and yes I’m talking to you meat lovers.  I’m talking about Eagle Peak Spur.

They offer bottomless Ribs every Thursday for 1800 per person. Heey  Thursday.

Also for the wine lovers for every glass of wine purchased at 600 ksh you get a free top up .

Talisman Karen



Now this is my favorite Restaurant and my man doesn’t understand why.

Well here is why. Talisman is a beautiful small place that automatically sets the mood for any couple out here. It has a Moroccan themed décor that closes you in.

Are you already feeling in love. Its are budget friendly and offers continental dishes with sweet sounds from a band every Friday and Saturday night.

There average cost is at 1500 per person.

Must try. The famous pepper steak with mashed and for their starter, Buffalo wings and coriander samosa.

Diamond  Plaza Food Court

diamond plaza


The cuisine is Indian.

Its filled with different kitchens and long communal tables for eating. The food is quite delicious and very affordable.

Their Bajias with chutney is at 150 KSH and my all time  a whole poussin chicken at 750 can be eaten by 4 Adults.

Kilimanjaro Jamia


Photo credit: website


Located in Central Business District.

It’s a busy Somali restaurant serving Somali tasty dishes with a lot of goat meat and flavored to taste with spices. An average meal cost 250. They have a big terrace around the restaurant. A good place to meet and chat.

Must try- Their mutton biryani, it’s very tender.

That’s it for today ,see you next week.

which restaurant was more romantic and budget friendly
Kilimanjaro Jamia
Junipers kitchen



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Drowning within

Yvonne Sure


Ripped off my dignity,

Shamed my endeared purity,

All misleading word,

Bad decisions, crowds.

I dwell in an imagination of,

What i would have done differently,

How i would have spoken wisely,

But i sit and mumble silently,

For spilt milk cant be recup’d,

Nor even slightly reversed,

Holding on to my regrets ,

Though only a fool regargitates,

In my silence i find peace,

In my head i freeze,

Time i could go back to,

Just to stop and listen to,

The voices in my head to,

Change a fate,

I wrote for myself, much distaste,

To my naivity that caused hate,

And personal blame that has created,

A hole inside me, can’t be rated

Just curled up, dull and frustrated

In my being and tears

That have flown by over years

And have pushed me to imagine life,

Without having to archive,

The emotions that drown me to dive,

To a darkness i face in my five,

But long hours of loneliness,

I wish for some happiness,

Or a ray of light before sunset,

And a way to change my mindset.





Yvonne Sure

I held you in my arms, even though i wanted to go up in arms

You were simply special, not only facial and

Though you were mine, i had to always dig a mine

Just to get to you, make you feel that its all true

A love i cherished, which you slowly perished

There are days i held back, some that i talked smack buh over time decided to cut you some slack…no one’s perfect

I shut out all the pain, became vague and plain

I often turned to solitude, the kind that makes you have an attitude

Made me hold regrets, the moulded after effects

It’s hard to make steps if you always have to schelp

You were once my light, soon you faded away with the fights and the dark nights

All i could do was watch in silence, as i saw all the flaws and sirens, they warned me of this high sense

That’s left me in a trance i can’t stand, a lack of fulfilment in a future i would have had, so sad.

From my favourite poet;

Remember when you sang looney tunes like you were a broadway star?
Remember when the rain was an invitation to play?
When you loved to sit in the mud and bake cakes for imaginary babes?

Remember when you didn’t fear to shed a tear,
When you didn’t fear to say you fear?

What of the times you clung to mothers’ skirt,

Or curled into a ball in Father’s arms?

Remember when that wasn’t sign of weakness,
But you, boldly screaming that you were weak and wanted to feel wanted?

There was a time when we all were little boys and girls,
Wild and wonderful

Then we grew up,
And forgot the very heart that held us on the way up,
We stopped playing, we stopped dreaming

Nelson Maingi



interview with Francene Sagini,



Arnold Mogaka,

we got the chance to interview the lovely Francine Sagini who is a part time chef and music producer,we got to share about what inspires her and details on her music life,click here to listen to full interview on urban funk radio.


munchies episode 1


Arnold Mogaka,

AS my foodious en devours continued, i decided to review the best food spots outside riara university  . i was quite amazed on the variety i found so i decided to focus on “He–Brews” where they make a variety of foods from fast foods to legit foods. what specifically amazed me about them was the burgers they make,quite homemade but tastes so heavenly(or am i just always hungry),so i recently did a vlog about the shop attached below ,click here and enjoy:)





Divorce concept

Ashley Mboya

Hey guys,

So today I got a little emotional and decided to rant out here for my loved ones and I’m sorry if you find yourself under the discussion point, I still love you ..

Well my heart just goes out to the wedding planners cheers you are great people. I pour it down for the woman who has been dreaming about this since she was eight. Mothers stop making children believe in some fantasies because when they grow up they don’t know how to deal with them. My heart also cries out to the man that thought he found his beautiful Diana and hoping that on the inside she’s a dime just like her outside. I also want to thank the Team mafisi and fisettes for attending their ex’s wedding to prove a point, have you proved it yet ? will see.

Okay , now that I’ve got your attention I will shoot my arrow right into your thoughts.

I have not gone one day on my phone reading emails, texts or even just blog post of people ranting out of marital issues and break ups. Now hold up, a marriage as far as i am concerned  is not dating like it was ,you know , the wild, beautiful bliss of dressing up ,fancy dinners, lovemaking in the coast ,waxes , manicures, everything impromptu, perfect new just to impress. No it’s the legal and formal partnering that is recognized by a union between a man and a woman,. It’s  the real you  ,you just don’t get up and decide he’s a mess and you can’t stand him so you need to leave ,well each marriage has their perpetual issues but how you deal with them is the simple foundations of keeping your marriage alive and strong.

Early in marriage you may argue and disagree about a number of things. I mean, you should. You’re still figuring each other out and navigating what it’s like to live together.

Your expectations and dreams are always confronted with reality and those things never line up completely. So what do you do ?

A lot of millennial marriages are tearing down right after they have walked down the aisle and it’s very sad how we have shown that truly marriage is just an event for many of us, and for those attending it’s like a party we’ve been invited for by Johnny and Naliaka. do we really sit down and realize that marriage is not a product but an investment where we have to work together to make it work. It’s putting two different people with probably different or similar minds together and their vows have agreed forever.

I am going to give a few great tips on how to keep your marriage Alive ,Healthy and Strong. This is based on the interview i had with my lady friend and she stole me some tips.

       TOP TIPS



Financial planning

Sex should be a priority not a Job

Spend time together 

Be a caregiver 

Appreciate each other 

Don’t try to change them 


As I exit I would like to leave you with my favorite couple statement, ’The secrets you keep the less opportunity you have to feel real intimacy or connected’’.

Check the Audio out link with the full tips info on sound cloud

Below is the Transcribed scrip of the talk with Dr.Elenna. Enjoy 

Check the Audio out link with the full tips info on sound cloud

Host :A very good evening to you thank you so much for tuning in to the live wire today here with us we have Dr. Elena as we talk about keeping marriage Alive, strong and healthy. Karibu sana Dr. Elena.

Dr.Elenna :Hello everybody thank you for having me on your show today my name is Dr.Elenna and this are some of the marriage tips that help my clients throughout the relationships and made their relationship stronger. Some of the tips include communication its the vehicle through a marriage you need to use your words and actions to interact with your spouse we like to think of ourselves as independent adults who can make up our own minds but often another person’s thoughts will determine your partner’s. This is speaking of your partner’s decision this takes me to understanding ,you have to understand each other couples who understand each other stick together because of the communication. Now if you’re not okay with something before you married what makes you think that should be okay but then after your married. If you’re not okay with something you should let your partner know, do let your partner know about the deal breakers and also you need to appreciate your partner instead of seeing the relationship for what it is right now. Seeing it for what it could be, now those are the things that bring down so many relationships. You want your partner to be a bit more to have a big muscles or to be a little bit more skinnier or to wear more makeup or to stop wearing makeup. You should learn to accept your partner for who they are right now or you’ll never accept them at all, never try changing what is there already.

Now going into financial planning. This is the mother of all the problems in a relationship even marriage many people don’t consider saving especially a time like now we just want to live in the moment. We don’t know if your going to have kids.We don’t know if you want to travel you just want to be with your partner right now have fun but are you considering what’s going to happen next, maybe your husband is relying on his parents finance cheques or you’re waiting for that bonus at work but it’s not coming through. You really need to understand where you’re money is coming from, how you going to support your family, if you’re going to put your money as one or you’re going to have your money separated as individuals that’s for you to decide.

On to the next thing we can discuss about spending time together. Well most people think well I’m going to go to work I’m going to come back home and I’ll be with my partner the rest of the evening but does that really mean your spending time together. Intimacy is very special whether sexual or emotional intimacy. Some people run away from relationships because there scared to have any of those. So the moment you’re able to be intimate with your partner without having sex that’s the kind of intimacy everyone wants. It’s what keeps the relationship pure and Raw at the same time sex is very important to. You don’t want your partner to have an affair with someone but what are you doing as a wife or husband to make your wife or husband go out to look for sex elsewhere. Many people forget that when God created us, he created us to be man and wife. These are things that marriage becomes stronger and this is what builds a relationship.

Host- You made me quiet and still.

well that was a wrap of our interview with Dr. Elenna and myself thank you very much for listening Bye Bye.